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What is Abilon?

Abilon displays headlines from RSS (Rich Site Summary - Really Simple Syndication) Channels in an easy to read format. It is small (about 500 kb), fast, and free. Adding new channels is as simple as right-clicking and entering the address of the feed.

Why do you need an RSS aggregator?

An RSS aggregator gives you all of the top headlines at a glance, without having to re-visit each site. The more sites you would normally visit, the greater your time savings wiil be. For heavy internet users the time savings are significant. For those who just want to stay informed, you can't beat the convenience.

Why should you choose Abilon?

  • Update scheduler
    You can specify an update scheduler for the RSS feeds in order to automate your work.
  • Actions
    You can perform some actions on the information you get. You can save it to a file and run any external program if you want to further process the received data.
  • Memories
    You can select interesting information from the feeds and store it in "Memories". You can organize the stored data for a more easy access to it.
  • RSS and Atom Support
    Abilon supports RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, ATOM 0.3. You can save the list of subscribed RSS feeds to an OPML file or conversely you can load a list of feeds from an OPML file.
  • Built-in Browser
    You don't need to leave Abilon in order to read the articles you have just downloaded. Abilon has a built-in tabbed browser with some unique and useful features.
  • Blogging support
    Abilon has a built-in blogging tool, very easy to use.
  • Archiving
  • Rich base columns set
    You can start using Abilon right away. Abilon comes with dozens of pre-configured popular feeds.

Download "Abilon" - the freeware, small, fast and powerful RSS feeds aggregator!


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