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Сегодня на SlashDot :

“Gmail rolled out a host of new features today. Big improvement in the contacts list, with the ability to search it and organize messages according to contact. Also, you can now forward all incoming gmail to any email account, but, according to Google, this feature is only ‘free for now.’ Does this mean gmail will start charging for some features? Meanwhile, Internet News is reporting that on Monday, some gmail accounts contained an Atom link for reading your email summaries in a news reader. Also meanwhile, my decrepit Hotmail account still hasn’t given me that promised 250 megabytes …”

На моем GMAIL эккаунте (yuri.chebotarev[то самое]gmail.com) я  такой возможности  не нашел, но думаю это только вопрос времени. Кстати, Google последователен в своих предпочтениях, Blogger (им сейчас владеет Google) также в первую очередь предоставил поддержку ATOM.

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