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Using ActiveRefresh
Getting Started
How to Create a New Column
Simple Example of Column Creation
How to Sort Columns
How to Update Columns
How to Add a Column From a File
How to Save Column
Web-column Properties
General Properties
Alert and Update Parameters
Search Template
What is Search Template for?
Search Template Description
Search Pattern Format
Editing Search Template
Easy Way to Create Search Template
Output Template
What is Output Template for?
Output Template Description
Editing Output Template
Color Theme
Group Properties
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Mail-column Properties
General Properties
Update and Alert Properties
Output Template
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YahooMail-column Properties
General Properties
Update and Alert Properties
Color Theme
Programm Settings
Examples of Creating a Column
Simple Example of Creating a Column
Simple Example of Creating a Search Template
An Example of a Column Making.
A Complex Example of a Column Making.
Customer Support Information

If you have a question that is not answered in the documentation, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document is available on our Web site at: If you are registered user and need further assistance, contact us directly by E-MAIL at . Please give as much detail as possible about the operation you want to perform.

Shareware Users: We will do our best to answer your questions, however, please be aware that ongoing support necessitates that you register Search and Replace.

To report a bug, E-MAIL: .

We welcome suggestions for improving ActiveRefresh. If you have a suggestion, please check the documentation and the READ.ME file to make sure it is not already implemented or planned. If not, drop us a note at .

For ordering information, please see the section Ordering Information.

For questions related to orders, discounts, and refund requests contact E-MAIL: .

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