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    ActiveRefresh is a web news reader wich will save you browsing time by monitoring information sources, gathering all of the information that you regularly access and presenting it in comfortable and adjustable way...


What is it all about?

The key point is that you don't have to visit sites again and again to find out what's new. With the help of ActiveRefresh you will monitor web sites and get your information automatically.

    Just think about all of the information that you access on the Web on a day-to-day basis; news headlines, software updates, new weblog posts, and so forth.

     The problem of browsing multiple sites and filtering the information is an old one. One of the solutions is the use of RSS channels. Many news sites and weblogs present their new information as RSS channels. Those are regular xml-files where the latest news' headlines, and links to news pages and sometimes summaries are shown.

     If you've never dealt with web pages monitoring programs, you would find out that most news sites and weblogs are available to see without having oneself bored with opening new windows and filtering information by yourself.

     ActiveRefresh won't forget to visit your favorite pages and alert you if there any change in the presented information occurs.

Why it is possible?

Websites that publish new content regularly usually provide a list of news headlines and links to their latest content in a friendly for syndication way.

     If you've ever used RSS channels browsing programs, you probably noticed their disadvantages. Not all sites can support the use of RSS channels. So, what's the points in access to dozen thousands sites if your favorite ones aren't among them?

     Beyond that, RSS channels can present quite limited amount of information. And this is not your choice which piece of information to be shown by RSS channel. What should you do to define if the information given is worth you to pay attention to it and you can't see anything except the headlines?

     ActiveRefresh helps you to overcome those disadvantages by letting you create RSS-like channels for WebPages and customize them. With a few steps you will be able to tell ActiveRefresh what information you want extracted from web page. ActiveRefresh will monitor web page and extract the information your specify.