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It is really a difficult task to create columns. If you created a proper column you may , , and we shall insert it into our columns database. Then it will be available to some other users of the program .

Create a new search template. At that you come across editing dialog of the search template. You go to the "Show source" tab.

Find the information you are chasing (Hint - you may use search, i.e. F3 - find next entry).

Push "Build" button.

As the result you build a simple search pattern and you go over to the tab "Show Results.

"Depth" parameter means the number of html tags at the left of the information source. This parameter is subject to variation within 1-4.

The choice of the desired value depends above all on the context of a particular page. Most common value is 2 specified as default one.

In case you are not satisfied with the pattern working performances - you may edit the pattern manualy.