ActiveRefresh Screenshots

main window

Main ActiveRefresh Window

ActiveRefresh is a new software application that monitors your web sources and notifies you when they are updated. ActiveRefresh monitors web pages, forums, news sites, LiveJournals, Bloggers, RSS channels. The main advantage of the program is that it does not just notify you about the changes; this application can extract the new information and deliver it directly to your computer, making it unnecessary for you to visit different websites.

ActiveRefresh won't forget to visit your favorite pages and alert you if there any change in the presented information occurs.

RSS Import Dialog

RSS Import Dialog

ActiveRefresh supports the standard OPML and OCS formats for loading the channels list from news content producers such as MoreOver, NewsIsFree, and others.

Search Template - Simple Way

Search Template - Simple Way

Not all sites can support the use of RSS channels. ActiveRefresh helps you to overcome those disadvantages by letting you create RSS-like channels for WebPages and customize them. With a few steps you will be able to tell ActiveRefresh what information you want extracted from web page. ActiveRefresh will monitor web page and extract the information your specify.

Internal blogging tool

Build-in blogging tool